A Transparent Solution to Your Crooked Teeth!

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You might not have been born with straight teeth. Few people are. Why, then, are so many people walking around with beautiful smiles? Their secret lies in the transparent treatment solution known as SureSmile®. Want to know more about what makes getting SureSmile Clear Aligners in Schaumburg, IL so appealing? Read on to find out about this revolutionary, safe, and budget-friendly way to move teeth into a picture-perfect position. 


Clear Aligners Take Over Orthodontic Options

Many years ago, you had one orthodontic treatment option to fix crooked teeth: braces. Eventually, dental technology innovators discovered that teeth could be moved using clear aligners. The aligners were custom-designed to fit over the patient’s teeth.

The world was hooked, especially teens who played sports and adults who preferred not to share their orthodontic treatment with outsiders. The low profile and discrete nature of clear aligners made them the right fit and feel.

Now, more than 20 years later, patients ask for practically transparent orthodontic solutions like SureSmile Clear Aligners in Schaumburg, IL by name. What do they appreciate the most about these dependable devices?

  • SureSmile wearers can avoid coming to the dentist every month to get new wires. Instead, they wear their aligners for about two weeks and then replace them with new ones. This cuts down on office visits.
  • Kids and adults can straighten their smiles without announcing their smile makeover intentions to everyone else. It can be very difficult to tell that someone is wearing SureSmile Clear Aligners from far away.
  • Patients can eat what they want. Braces with brackets and wires make cleaning the teeth and eating favorite foods difficult, if not impossible. Since SureSmile Clear Aligners can be popped out and back in quickly, they enable patients to enjoy meals as well as keep their gums and teeth spotless.
  • The SureSmile Clear Aligners system costs about the same as traditional bracketed braces. With a minimal price differential, patients can make the choice that is best suited to their needs.


Could SureSmile Clear Aligners in Schaumburg, IL Be Right for You?

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for SureSmile is to visit a dental practice that offers the SureSmile system. At Sharrington Dental, our team of professionals led by prosthodontist Dr. Joon Han can evaluate you for SureSmile as part of your comprehensive smile makeover plan. Along with dentists Dr. Jamieson Brady and Dr. Derek Fornelli, Dr. Han can help you figure out what type of orthodontic solution will get you the best possible results.

Contact our Sharrington Dental office in Schaumburg, IL today by calling the office at (847) 891-9999 or scheduling a consultation online!

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