Can You Fix A Gummy Smile?

Doctor Performing A Laser Crown Lengthening Procedure On A Dental Patient

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought your smile seemed unbalanced because of uneven gums? Perhaps your gum line varies in coverage from tooth to tooth. Or maybe you have thick gums that cover too much of each tooth. Whatever the reason, you can always fix a gummy smile by opting for laser crown lengthening in Schaumburg, IL


How Does The Laser Crown Lengthening Process Work?

The simplest way to solve the issue of too heavy or too varied gum tissue is for a dentist to trim and reposition your existing gumline. This causes your teeth to look longer, even though they are the same size they always were.

You should know that crown lengthening can be performed with more traditional instruments like scalpels. However, most patients prefer the convenience, speed, and faster healing they can get when the dentist uses a special type of dental laser to preform the procedure. With a laser, the dentist can remove excess gum precisely and with little blood loss. Because lasers naturally sanitize and cauterize the areas they cut due to their light energy, they help reduce the risk of post-treatment infections in patients.

Perhaps best of all, when you choose laser crown lengthening in Schaumburg, IL, you can go back to your regular routine quickly. Though you might have a bit of soreness in and around the treated area, you should be back to feeling like yourself—and smiling with confidence—in no time. You might even want to go back to the dentist for professional teeth whitening to emphasize your improved gum line even more!

Laser Crown Lengthening in Schaumburg, IL: Not Just for Aesthetics!

Wondering if you should consider laser crown lengthening since it tends to be an elective cosmetic dentistry option? You might be surprised to hear that laser crown lengthening can offer some valuable advantages that may boost your oral and systemic health:

  • Exposing more of your tooth can give gum disease causing bacteria fewer places to hide and grow.
  • You may find it easier to keep your teeth cleaner after gum lengthening, especially in those hard-to-reach spots in-between teeth.
  • Crown lengthening can improve your candidacy for some types of orthodontics, as excess gum tissue can sometimes interfere with the ability to affix a bracket to a tooth’s surface.


Make Your Gummy Smile Fade Into The Past!

If your gummy smile has been troubling you for a while, give us, Sharrington Dental, a call. We can help you set up an appointment with one of our highly trained doctors, such as Dr. Joon Han, Dr. Jamieson Brady, and Dr. Derek Fornelli, to discuss minimally invasive, comfortable laser crown lengthening with our office in Schaumburg, IL!

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