Dentures Driving You Crazy? Dental Implants May Be the Answer!

Full Arch Dental Implants Patients Smiling Together

Dentures may seem like a good solution to replace your missing teeth—at first. However, over time, dentures can become highly frustrating. They slip. They slide. They sometimes even fall out, making it impossible to chew or speak with confidence. And trying to find them when they fall beside the bed or off the bathroom counter? That can be downright maddening! For that reason, many patients have set up appointments to speak with trained dental professionals about receiving full mouth dental implants in Schaumburg, IL!

How Can Dental Implants Rescue You From Common Denture Difficulties?

Like dentures, dental implants restore your smile. Yet they do much more, too. Full arch dental implants rely on implanted posts to anchor an overdenture prosthesis. As long as you have enough quality of bone in your arches, you could be an immediate candidate to undergo dental implant surgery. Even if you have low bone density, you may qualify for implants later after undergoing a bone graft or sinus lift.

When you choose to receive full mouth dental implants, you can pick between a removable denture that is held in place by implants or a permanent denture that is also held in place by implants but can only be removed by a dental professional. Either way, you will have much more security than is possible with a traditional denture that depends on gels, cream, or suction for stability.

A Quick Overview of the Dental Implant Treatment Process

Interested in knowing more about how a full mouth dental implant treatment works? First, the implants are surgically placed in the mouth. After that point, the implant sites are allowed to heal. When they have healed, your preferred type of custom denture is secured to the implants so you have full functionality.

An exciting aspect of full mouth dental implants is that they can be individualized to meet a patient’s needs, whether or not the patient has a denture or a different type of appliance. Case in point: One woman who came to Scharrington Dental to discuss full mouth dental implants in Schaumburg, IL had dealt with a failing bridge. She didn’t want to wear partial dentures. Instead, she preferred something fixed so she could chew food more easily.

Though she was anxious about undergoing surgery, she felt confident working with prosthodontist Dr. Joon H. Han, whose expertise in restorative dentistry is well-known. After the procedure, the patient had very little swelling and no discomfort. She attributes her excellent outcomes to Dr. Han’s perfectionism, dexterity, and overall skill.

Could You Benefit From Dental Implant Surgery?

Do you struggle with the problems associated with removable dentures? Are you dealing with one or more bridges that no longer function the way you think they should? Consider making an appointment with our doctors, Joon H. HanDr. Jamieson Brady, and Dr. Derek Fornelli, at our Scharrington Dental office in Schaumburg, IL by calling (847) 860-6743!

A fresh, updated appearance could be closer than you think with a little help from the latest dental implant technologies and techniques. You could be just one consultation away from a plan that will change the way you feel about your smile and health.

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