Dental Savings Plan

This plan will help you consistently improve and maintain your oral health which is an integral part of your overall health. this is not a dental insurance plan, but rather an affordability plan.

          2 Comprehensive or Periodic Dental Exams

          2 Prophylaxis (Routine Cleaning) or 2 Periodontal Maintenance

          Any necessary X-rays

          2 Oral Cancer Screenings

          Dental treatment (doctor procedures) discounted by 20% 

Payment of enrollment fees initiates coverage.

      One Adult Patient                                                               $300.00

      One Adult Patient and Spouse or Domestic Partner      $500.00     

Rules, Exclusions, Limitations  

          To be an active plan participant, enrollment fees must be paid in full.

          All payments are nonrefundable.

          This plan cannot be combined with any other offers

          No refunds will be given if a member, spouse and/or domestic partner does not use the plan, relocates, or obtains dental insurance.

          12 month term effective from payment/effective date to renewal date.

–           Two failed appointments and/or two cancelled appointments without 48-hour notice will disqualify you, your spouse and/or your domestic partner from this plan without refund.

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