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Dental Patient Getting A Dental Procedure At Scharrington Dental

“Little things matter.” It may be an old-fashioned phrase but it rings true to patients who make Sharrington Dental in Schaumburg, IL, their practice of choice. To them, Sharrington Dental is more than just a place to discuss the value of a smile makeover or discuss the possibility of receiving full mouth dental implants with a world-class prosthodontist. Instead, the practice serves as a place where everyone receives concierge treatment, enjoys luxurious surroundings, and feels at home during each visit.

As you might suspect, the exceptional experiences and outcomes reported by Sharrington Dental patients are by design, not luck. The team has spent great care putting measures in place to support their goal of providing unparalleled healthcare. Below are just some of the different ways that the practice has differentiated itself.

A Comprehensive Menu of Dentistry Treatments!

Spending time going from specialist to specialist can be hard on a patient’s schedule. It can also cause delays and miscommunication between providers. Sharrington Dental focuses on bringing as many general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry processes in-house as possible. This allows patients to get comprehensive, full-service care in one location.

Some of the most requested treatments and procedures include:

In addition to offering an impressive range of dentistry and safe anesthesia options, Sharrington Dental relies on the most modern equipment and protocols to treat patients of all ages. This gives every patient the opportunity to get unsurpassed care in Schaumburg, IL, near Chicago.

Welcoming, Thoughtfully Appointed Environment

Have you ever gone to a dental office that feels more like a spa? When designing Sharrington Dental, the team opted for an upscale hotel lounge feel. At the same time, the atmosphere allows children, teens, and adults to relax. Nevertheless, they know that they have put their faith into an innovative practice that caters to their feelings as well as needs.

It is difficult to overstate how important it can be for a dental practice to seem inviting and not intimidating. By lowering barriers to resistance and anxiety, Sharrington Dental fuels a sense of “you and our staff are a team” rather than “we are just another of your healthcare providers.”

Individualized Treatment and Treatment Plans

Even “routine” dental appointments should feel customized and friendly. As longtime Sharrington Dental patient Eric noted, Sharrington Dental’s Dr. Joon Han balances his evidence-based approach with a compassionate bedside matter. Explained Eric, “When you meet Dr. Han, he has some personal interests…he comes in and he says, ‘Hey, how’s things going…?’ He asks how [my son’s] doing, my wife, and he asks about my daughter. So he knows my family.”

This type of professionalism mingled with warmth encourages patients to return for routine treatments and acute needs. In Eric’s situation, he was able to get back his smile after a serious accident. Yet he might not have felt as comfortable with someone less interested in him as a whole person.

Spend Time With Dental Professionals Who Focus on Reassurance And Results

You have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, or prosthodontist like award-winning Dr. Joon Han and his colleagues, general dentists and oral surgery practitioners, Dr. Jamieson Brady and Dr. Derek Fornelli.

If you would rate your current provider lower than a nine or 10, or you want to meet with Dr. Han to discuss placement of dental implants, contact our Schaumberg, IL, office to set up your initial appointment!

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