The Smile Restoration Specialist

When you choose Dr. Joon Han and our team for your care, you’re getting the expansive benefits of a board-certified prosthodontist. A prosthodontist has a deep understanding of your facial anatomy and how each part interacts together so that when one piece fails, they know exactly how to restore it. All prosthodontists complete years of advanced post-dental school training in dental implantscrowns and bridgesdentures, and cosmetic dentistry. We’re the acknowledged specialists in replacing teeth. Not all prosthodontists achieve board certification, however. Dr. Han passed an intensive examination process with the American Board of Prosthodontics (ABP) and is subject to regular recertification to validate his mastery of all current technology and techniques in the field. If you’re looking for a highly qualified prosthodontist in Schaumburg, IL, you’ve found him.

Why See A Prosthodontist for Implants and Other Complex Dental Issues?

Prosthodontics is one of the specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. We are the specialists dealing with replacing missing teeth, anything that ranges from dentures to dental implants, or common things that most people see.

But what separates us from most general dentists or reserve doctors is we deal with a lot of complexities in cases.

During our residency, we go through a lot of literature and we go through a lot of cases with peers. Then we study how to resolve certain problems with a more systematic approach.

Lately, my practice has been specializing more towards failed implants or failed restorations, and then some patients are looking for that types of solutions. We call them revision cases, meaning some of the cases that’s been done many, many years ago. So, now we have to redo those cases because the crown needs to be replaced or the implant restoration needs to be replaced. But sometimes the implant angles are not in the right position, and it’s very challenging because we were not involved in the first treatment, but then we try to find a systematic approach so that the patient can have the restoration that they have for another 10-15 years. So that’s what we were focusing on.

So, Prosthodontics, it’s a very rewarding specialty because we are the specialists that can give our patients the solutions that no one can do. That’s the rewarding part of being a prosthodontist.

Advantages Of Our Practice

  • Award-winning, board-certified prosthodontist
  • Skilled general dentists
  • Comprehensive dentistry in one office
  • Consultative, evidence-based care
CBCT Scanner
  • State-of-art technology
  • Minimally invasive laser system
  • Precise guided implant surgery
  • Advanced biological healing protocols
  • In-house IV sedation

Technology-Driven Results

Our consistent positive results are driven by two factors: our expertise and a modern facility equipped with innovative technology. With both, you’ll have a superior experience here—from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. We can see inside all of your teeth, under your gums, and through your jawbone with our cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner. This allows us to quickly capture detailed 3D images that we can use to accurately diagnose problems and plan suitable treatments. CBCT operates with a fraction of the radiation output of conventional CT equipment, so it’s safer for you.

Laser technology has replaced the scalpel and sutures in many of our gum treatments, making for fear-free, pain-free care. The laser is incredibly precise, causes minimal bleeding, and enables us to get you out of the dental chair and on with your day faster. Laser procedures also help you heal more smoothly, but they’re not the only technology that offers that benefit. Plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) also accelerate that process. Isolated from a small sample of your own blood and applied in concentrated form, PrGF create a protective layer over treatment sites, facilitating rapid healing!