Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen during my first visit to the office?
At your first appointment with Scharrington Dental, we will conduct an exam and consultation, which may include x-rays. Following your exam, your doctor will give you recommendations for your care and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss treatment options and ask questions. For more information about your first appointment, visit our patient center page.
Will I get my teeth cleaned on the first visit?
There are actually several levels of cleaning available, depending on your oral health status and dental needs. In order to determine the best cleaning for you, and to schedule enough time with a hygienist, your dentist will first need to see you for a comprehensive exam. Your actual treatment usually begins with a follow-up visit, which could be as soon as the next day.
What is a comprehensive treatment plan?
You’ll hear the term “comprehensive care” often in regards to dentistry. At Scharrington Dental, it means we will examine your entire mouth to evaluate your overall oral health, and recommend treatment for long-lasting care, rather than simply fixing an immediate problem. Want a second opinion? No problem, we’re happy to give you a copy of your x-rays at no charge.
How much is my first visit going to cost me?
Pricing for services and procedures can vary. Once you have your personalized treatment plan from your dentist, we will provide you with detailed information about costs, financing alternatives, and insurance coverage. As always, we do our best to find a price and a payment option that’s best for you.
Can I schedule a first appointment just for a cleaning?
Scharrington Dental dentists believe in fixing problems, not overlooking them. An initial exam to check your oral health is the essential first step to giving you a healthy mouth. From there, we will create a comprehensive treatment plan and can then quickly schedule your appointment for a cleaning.
Do I need x-rays?
Depending on your dental history, your dentist may recommend taking a series of x-rays to get a better look at your entire mouth. X-rays allow us to see things that can’t be seen by the naked eye and help to conduct a comprehensive exam. X-rays may also be required for denture wearers. Your dentist can determine if you have adequate bone to support dentures, plus check for bone fractures, cysts, tumors, lesions, and sinus issues.
Will my insurance cover the cost of my care?
Dental insurance policies often cover periodontal treatment. Please bring all of your medical and dental benefit information and cards to your appointments. Upon request, we will submit a claim to predetermine your insurance benefits, however, this is not required by most plans.
How much are implants?
No two patients or their customized dental implant treatments are exactly alike, so the number of appointments, procedures and cost of dental implants varies depending on the person. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants are highly customized for your teeth and mouth – that is why they look so natural. That said, the cost of dental implants compares very favorably to other tooth replacement options because dental implants can last so long, even an entire lifetime. Most importantly, you will want to use an experienced, credentialed implant dentist so your implants last and look good. Other teeth replacement options may appear to have a lower upfront cost, but you will continue to pay that cost over and over, making them more expensive compared to dental implants.
Do you provide payment plan options?
We have financing options available for patients who qualify, and we are dedicated to helping you find a way to afford your treatment.
  • Available through CareCredit or Lending Club Patient Solutions no interest payment plans for 6 or 12 months
  • Extended payment plans up to 84 months
  • No down payment, plus instant credit decisions with no application fee
  • Ask for Care credit or Lending Club Patient Solutions financing information or apply today
I have dentures, is it necessary for me to still see a dentist?
Some people who have full dentures and no remaining natural teeth are under the impression that they no longer need to visit the dentist regularly, as long as their dentures still fit and they are able to eat and speak clearly. For several reasons, seeing a dentist at least annually is a good idea even for denture wearers. Regular preventive care lengthens the life of your denture and keeps the “foundation” secure, and oral health is essential to general overall health.

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