Completely Revitalize Your Look And Your Life

Unhappy with the smile you’re seeing in the mirror? We can fix that. A board-certified prosthodontist like Dr. Joon Han is the best specialist to see for restorative dentistry. These services include everything from minor repairs to full-mouth reconstruction based on the needs of each patient. Prosthodontists are at the apex of esthetic training in dentistry, surpassing traditional cosmetic dentistry. The combination of superior surgical skills, clinical expertise, an eye for esthetics, and a deep understanding of oral and facial anatomy ensure optimal outcomes for every patient. Experience the magic of a smile makeover in Schaumburg, IL.

A smile makeover can be whatever you want it to be. With it, you can be whatever you want to be, smile-wise. It’s usually one or a series of cosmetic dentistry procedures completed in phases. We offer a custom treatment plan for every patient. Talk to us about a full smile makeover or restoration, using one or more of the following services:  dental implants, bridges, dentures, transparent orthodontia, porcelain veneers, crowns, and more. No matter what you choose, the end result will be a spectacular, healthy smile everyone will admire.

Completely Revitalize Your Look And Your Life

The Steps To A Dental Implant Bridge

Dental Implants

Nothing makes a gorgeous smile like having a full set of whole, healthy teeth. If you live with gaps in your smile, you may be self-conscious and unable to complete many daily activities comfortably. Dental implants can end those problems for good. Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, dental implants are the best way to regain and enhance your quality of life.1


Looking for a reliable tooth straightening option that won’t require you to wear bulky metal braces? SureSmile provides a discreet alternative that replaces metal brackets and wires with durable, transparent plastic aligners. These removable aligners will gradually shift your teeth into proper alignment. They actually work in less time than many other orthodontic solutions!2

Porcelain Veneers

We can easily cover up imperfections with the appearance of your teeth using dental veneers . Veneers are made from a thin piece of porcelain designed to fit the surface of the tooth with bonding and are a great way to give yourself a smile makeover. Teeth veneers are popular because this treatment is minimally invasive and provides fast results. This treatment is a simple and painless way to upgrade your smile. Improving your overall appearance with dental veneers can be an effective way to boost self-confidence for years to come.3

Teeth Whitening

Dull, discolored teeth don’t do your smile any favors. We can give your teeth a stunning new level of shine with GLO teeth whitening. This professional-grade treatment provides dramatic results in just a short time. You’ll really see your teeth sparkle—and so will everyone else.4

Dental Crowns

If your teeth are broken, cracked, or damaged in any way, then a dental crown procedure is a great treatment to consider to restore a natural appearance and optimal function for your smile. We can place a permanent, bonded cap over your teeth, creating a durable, affordable solution to protect the remaining structure of the tooth. A tooth crown is an effective way to avoid extraction when serious damage has occurred. This treatment is often completed with other services, such as a root canal or the placement of a bridge or implant. The crown will look and feel like a natural tooth, giving you a smile that will last for years.5

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth, and is cemented to adjacent teeth or connected to dental implants. Bridges can minimize additional dental problems in the future, including damage to surrounding teeth and gums. Various options are available including a tooth bridge that’s secured to nearby, healthy teeth. Or, an implant bridge might be needed with one or more implants to form the foundation for the bridge placement. You’ll receive a personalized treatment plan to create a beautiful, functional smile.6


We can replace unhealthy or missing natural teeth with a denture appliance. Not only do they restore the function of your mouth, they also provide support for the lips and cheeks and restore your confidence with a beautiful smile. We offer a variety of services for dental restoration using dentures, including complete dentures, partial dentures, and permanent implant supported dentures.

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