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Unmatched Advantages

Award-winning, a board-certified prosthodontist. In-house IV sedation certification. Advanced, innovative technology. Comprehensive care for the whole family in one convenient location.

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Full Mouth Solutions
Full Mouth Solutions

A Whole, Healthy Smile

No matter how many teeth you’ve lost, you can regain your complete smile and your quality of life with dental implants.

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Comfortable and Fully Equipped

Our office is designed to be a comfortable, pleasing environment where you can relax while receiving the latest treatments available.

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Welcome to Scharrington Dental for Innovative and Advanced Treatment in Prosthodontics and General Dentistry

Schaumburg, Illinois patients ready for a completely new experience enhancing their smiles, health, function, and appearance are invited to learn more about our prosthodontic services, including implant dentistry, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. Patients will work with our board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Joon Han on a wide range of dental needs in a single office. We offer two tiers of care, including prosthodontics and general dentistry.

Unmatched advantages

When you visit Scharrington Dental, you work with a board-certified and award-winning prosthodontist in the community. Our team offers innovative and advanced technology to help you achieve your dream smile and provides in-house IV sedation for those uneasy about having extended procedures done in the dental chair. We also offer comprehensive care for the entire family, offering cosmetic and general dentistry services!

Services provided

At Scharrington Dental, we are pleased to offer a variety of services for new and returning patients, including:

  • Dental implant placement and restoration – losing teeth can result in the lost ability to enjoy everyday activities that you may not have even considered, including speaking and eating. Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement and restore the smile’s appearance, feel, and function.
  • Full mouth dental implants – with no healthy teeth remaining, patients have the option of restoring a beautiful and fully functioning smile again with full mouth dental implants. They fix all the teeth, returning both function and self-confidence!
  • Full and partial dentures – patients seeking a more economical and removable option may consider the advantages of traditional dentures, including full and partial options, made to look as natural as possible within the smile while ensuring proper functionality.

Dr. Joon Han of Scharrington Dental in Schaumburg, Illinois, is available to help you with your restorative needs. If you are interested in having procedures performed to restore and improve your smile, we welcome you to our practice. When working with a board-certified prosthodontist and quality professionals, you can stay relaxed and at ease with the care you receive. We invite patients to contact our practice by calling (847) 891-9999 to request a consultation with our team at 1900 East Golf Road, Suite L130. We are open to new and returning patients to our practice for professional, comprehensive care!

Your smile. Our passion. Your life. Scharrington Dental.

Comprehensive, Specialist-Led Care

When Dr. Joon Han opened Scharrington Dental in 2009, he set out to create a different kind of dental practice. One where you understand all your treatment options and feel confident that your dental team can deliver even the most complex of them with excellence. Where you never feel afraid to seek care. One that takes an evidence-based approach to treatment, making care decisions based on proven scientific research. One where your entire family can get comprehensive care without visiting multiple offices. If those are important to you, you’ve found the right prosthodontist in Schaumburg, IL.

As one of just a few dozen board-certified prosthodontists in Illinois, Dr. Han has had years of post-graduate prosthodontic specialty education, including a residency program. Through this extensive training, he became an expert in dental implants, crowns and bridges, dentures, cosmetic procedures, and all types of restorative dentistry. To complement his expertise, Dr. Han has assembled a team of dentists who bring oral surgery, IV sedation, and other areas of focus to the practice. When you come here, you know that you won’t just be able to get many kinds of treatment, but the finest treatment.

For an Excellent Dental Experience, Choose Scharrington Dental!

Dr. joon Han

My main goal with each and every patient is to ‘Give the best possible dental care, the best successful treatment outcome.

I really can’t thank Dr. Han and his team and his office people. They’ve made this whole experience really good for me, really wonderful. I really thank them a lot because if it weren’t for his office – I would not have the implants that I have today. I wouldn’t.

This office now in Schaumburg feels more like theirs. The rooms feel more comfortable, the ability to utilize the equipment that is here feels more spaced out, and they are able to have you more comfortable. More at home while getting work done than it has ever been.

When we relocated to this practice, we wanted to show it like a hotel lounge. Like when somewhere they come in and can relax. So a lot of the decors we picked and we deiced is very calming environment, very neutral tone colors because when they come in I don’t want the patient to think that they’re in a dental office. They want to feel something different.

The dentist I was going to and was somewhat marginal, and then you kind of rated as what, what is his skillset. I would put him in a six. When you come in here, you are at a nine and a ten, and Dr. Han is always looking for new technology. He is looking for better ways to do things. I think he stays ahead of the technology. The dental field is full of innovations, you know, teeth cleanings used to be with just a piece of scrape or whatever, and now they are doing a lot of different ways with that. I come out of here with pretty professional service.

I would highly recommend him, mainly because of the care he takes and the pride he takes with his dental services that he provides and it is not scary. So many people are afraid to go with the dentist, and he is just very re-assuring, and I would highly recommend his services to anybody who is looking for a dentist.

Your smile, our passion, your life. It seems very simple wording but has a lot of meaning to us. The middle word, our passion – is giving your smile back. We change your life, so that’s how I put the words together. So that is the model that we have in our office that it’s our passion to give your smile so we can change your life.

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