Laser Crown Lengthening Is the Sure Cure

What makes a smile great? Healthy bright teeth are certainly a major part. Possibly the next most important element is healthy, proportionate gum tissue. Your teeth can be in the best shape, but if you feel you have too much gum tissue (a “gummy smile”), you may not be happy with how others see your smile. Gums provide an essential protective barrier for your teeth. However, they may still be able to do their job without you feeling awkward about their appearance. We can give your smile the beautiful balance you seek through laser crown lengthening in Schaumburg, IL.

We’ve equipped our office with innovative, minimally invasive laser technology that has transformed the way we perform soft tissue treatments. It provides a better overall experience for you and yields the same esthetic results as traditional methods. A board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Joon Han has exceptional training in cosmetic procedures and the technology needed to perform them with excellence. Count on him and our skilled team to bring harmony to your smile with laser crown lengthening—available as a standalone service or as part of a total smile makeover. See the benefits for yourself!

Woman with glasses, smiling

The Many Benefits of Laser Crown Lengthening

  • Less pain and bleeding during treatment
  • An improved tooth-to-gum ratio
  • A perfectly balanced smile
  • Immediate, visible results
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Reduced chance of decay and disease
  • Easier access for orthodontic treatment
 The Many Benefits of Laser Crown Lengthening

Scalpel-Free, Same Day Smile Enhancement

Crown lengthening, also known as soft tissue recontouring, corrects the imbalance between your teeth and gums, typically in a single visit. It doesn’t actually make your teeth longer, but they will appear longer in comparison to the surrounding gums, which no longer dominate your smile after treatment. To achieve this, we trim away small sections of gum tissue from select teeth or all of them, depending on the extent of your gummy smile. During this process we take special care to give the gums a consistent curved shape around each tooth for the most natural look.

The advantages of doing this process with laser technology are many! If you don’t like the thought of scalpels and sutures in your mouth, you’ll be happy to know that they’re not needed for laser crown lengthening. The process uses an intensive beam of light instead of sharp instruments to remove tissue. It’s a faster procedure with minimal bleeding and less pain both during and after. The laser is highly precise, affecting only specified areas of tissue and leaving others untouched. Following the procedure, you’ll see immediate results in the form of a more symmetrical, proportional smile that will never make you self-conscious!